Vulcanic rock dust

Golden Mix 

We work with 100% natural products and developed different mixes with volcanic rock dust(s), clay nanoparticles and lots of micro life as main ingredients. Based on the soil type and condition we customize the mix provided, while produced by the earth itself. Our products can completely replace the usage of artificial fertilizers, and minimizes the usage of chemical pesticides, or make them even completely obsolete.

Our selected rock dusts and other ingredients are 100% natural, SKAL-certified and therefore allowed to be used by organic farmers.

The clay minerals ensure a solid basis for the mix ‘structure-wise’ and have the capacity to immediately hold and exchange water and other minerals. Next to that it already contains a healthy base of nutrients for plants to grow.

The primal minerals and spore elements in our TerVit (more than 60!), a mix of volcanic rock dust, gives the soil the needed boost. It replenishes the deficiency of minerals and spore elements in a natural and balanced way. Next to that, it also holds new fresh clay plates which increase the capacity to hold and exchange nutrients.

Our organic mixture is carefully selected and holds a perfect balance between the brown- and green material: the C/N ratio (carbon/ nitrogen ratio). It’s able to provide soil life the food and energy they need. It ensures the best structure and water permeability. We infused this mixture with extra (examined) soil life to accelerate the Enhanced Weathering process, in which the rock dust releases all the minerals and spore elements and absorbs lots of CO2.