Vulcanic rock dust



A healthy soil is a complex composition of various factors that are inextricably linked. TerVit restores and ensures the natural balance of these linked components. It is a so-called slow release fertilizer, which simply means that by adding TerVit the soil life does not become stressed and is brought back into balance in a calm way. It recovers the natural balance for the long term.

Our TerVit contains more than 60 minerals, and high levels of nutrients and trace elements. It consists of at least 52% silicium and is rich in spore trace elements like borium, manganese and copper. 

Our vulcanic rock dust is 100% natural and (SKAL)certified. It is allowed to be used for organic farming. 

More relevant info: 

  • A small particle size, between 250 and 900 mu. This allows microbes to break down easily and quickly, and plants are able to absorb nutrients optimally in the most efficient way
  • Volcanic rock dust stores high levels of CO2 during the weathering process. In fact, according to the Royal Society, accelerated rock weathering is one of the most effective measures to capture CO2. Our TerVit is a preferred type of rock dust (basalt), because it contains calcium and magnesium needed which are essential to capture CO2. 
  • Our rock dust is a rest-product residual product, and therefore the mining process is energy neutral.
  • TerVit binds ammonia. Research by the Dutch WUR has shown that adding rock dust to the manure spread on the land, reduces emissions circa on average 50% with a use of 80 grams per liter. 
  • Because soil life isn’t stressed the processing of the components is optimized: it leads to a better humus, structure- and density of the soil
  • Increases the quantity and quality of trees, plants and crops. Organic and sustainable farmers have long relied on volcanic basalt as an all-natural way to improve roots systems, increase yields and promote general plant health in a wide variety. Recent studies support these claims, and that higher nutrient densities are obtained. 
  • Trees, plants and crops become more resilient and resistant, mostly because of the high levels of silicon, which ensures a more firm cell structure. As a result, fewer (if any) protective equipments are needed, like chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

You can use our TerVit to boost any type of soil instantly. We offer this per 1000 kg.