enriched clayminerals



Our ComClay, enriched with clay minerals extracted from the Waddenzee, is a ready to use and 100% biological product. It will boost every type of soil instantly. 

The clay minerals tie together pieces of organic matter, which leads to a stable clay-humus complex, with a better moisture retention capacity. The clay minerals function like a sort of glue. They hold and combine all elements, so the needed nutrients are being stored and available for trees, plants and crops to grow optimally. In other words, it enhances the Cations-Exchange Capacity (CEC).

The ComClay can be deposited directly on the soil, or you can mix it within the top layer of the soil. 

Fertilization value per kilogram soil: 

  • 8% organic matter
  • 2,4 gram nitrogen
  • 2,54 gram phosphate
  • 7,4 gram potassium
  • 6,4 gram magnesium

This composition makes the use of chemical fertilizers unnecessary.

You can use our ComClay to boost any type of soil instantly. We offer this per 1000 kg.